Reputation, Brand and IP Services

“Brand and Intellectual Property owners continue to lose millions of dollars everyday, but it doesn’t have to be that way”

Counterfeiting is big business. But like any other business, counterfeiters cannot function or grow without help and support. Support for the counterfeiter comes in a variety of forms; manufacturing, communications, distribution, sales, bill payment and banking services, to name but a few.

The reality is that counterfeiters rely on exactly the same sort of infrastructure and support that legitimate businesses do. Without this, the counterfeiter cannot continue in business.

We specialise in unravelling these networks, which are often complex and obfuscated, and identifying the people and organisations that knowingly make the counterfeiters’ business possible. We call them ‘Enablers’.

By focusing on attacking the enablers, we give our clients the ability to strike at the very heart of the counterfeiters’ business – stopping it in its tracks.

This approach has found favour amongst a number of forward thinking organisations determined to protect brand, IP and shareholder value. It delivers credible results.

It’s your money being stolen, Why not put a stop to it? [DOWNLOAD PDF]